#1234201: RootedCON 2019 Call For Papers is open!

Description: RootedCON is a technology congress that will be developed in Madrid
from 28 - 30 of march 2019.

With an estimated seating from 2.000 and 2.500 people, is the most
relevant specialized
congress that is held in the country, and one of the most relevant in
Europe, with
attendee profiles ranging from students, Law Enforcenment Agencies to
professionals in the
technology and information security market and, even, just passionate

This is our X edition, *tenth anniversary!* We want it to be a special
in which we will bring various surprises :)

Already consolidated our additional tracks, including the collaboration
with Follow The
White Rabbit (a complete success, with the rooms full at all times),
this year
will value the incorporation of a new specialized track. Stay tuned!

-=] Talk types

We will mostly accept two kind of talks:

- Fast talks: 20 minutes.
- Standard talks: 50 minutes.

There will exist a limited number of talks of both types having, even,
the possibility
of working with the schedule to extend a talk beyond the 20 minutes
limit, or to reduce a 50 minutes one.

We encourage you to BE ORIGINAL with your proposals. We accept *rare*
talks and
thematic, on culture or politics (always orbiting around the concepts
technological or Information Security).

-=] International speakers

There is simultaneous Spanish-English and English-Spanish translation on
all tracks, so
please do not hesitate to enter a talk, wherever you are from :)

Be sure to indicate the language in which you will give it:

[ES] - Spanish [EN] - English

=] Topics we are looking for

Any interesting topic related to TECHNOLOGY, having examples below and
not limited to:

- ANY original topic that contributes content to our audience!
- Any hacking topic in any environment: IP, OT, IoT, Cloud, EDGE,
Satellites, Mobiles...
- Reverse engineering, debugging, hooking, fuzzing, exploiting, DFIR,
- APT, botnets y malware.
- Financial Tech (FinTech)
- Hardware Hacking, Jtag, SWJ, Dap, consoles,...
- Videogames, cheats...
- Cryptography, steganography, covert channels,...
- DEV: MQTT, AMQP, development patterns, distributed development,...
- OPS: puppet, jenkins, orquestación, virtualization and containers,
artifacts, continuous integration...
- Culture, philosophy and ethics, future, innovation ... the world!

Remember that we have THREE rooms in multitrack:

- Sala Cibeles (~1000 people)
- Sala Lugus (~500 people)
- Sala Iniciación (~500 people)
More info: https://seclists.org/fulldisclosure/2018/Oct/45

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Venue Madrid, March 28, 2019, midnight - March 30, 2019, midnight
Country Spain