#1236978: TEISS 2019 - The European Information Security Summit 2019 - 12 - 13 Feb 2019, London, UK

Description: The European Information Security Summit is now in its 8th year and is the largest and most comprehensive cyber security summit in Europe

Building an agile cyber-security culture

The European Information Security Summit is now the largest and most comprehensive cyber security summit in Europe.

It features parallel streams focusing on Culture & Education, Data & Technology, and the Threat Landscape – giving you three conferences in one.

In addition, TEISS also features dedicated Workshop sessions for small groups, and the freedom to build a bespoke agenda and attend the sessions that suit your exact challenges.

Join 500+ Cyber Security and Information Technology professionals to discuss the latest issues.

Culture & Education Stream

Better cyber security is rarely about computer science, but more about behavioural science and the cyber security culture in your organisation.

This Stream will feature a panel session focusing on measuring the impact of your security training programmes. Other sessions include case studies on securing the information supply chain; how to effectively communicate threat intelligence; and alternative approaches to recruiting the next generation of cyber security specialists.

Perfect for: CIOs, Chief Risk Officers, CISOs, Heads of Business Resilience, Heads of Business Intelligence, Heads of Business Continuity
Why come to TEISS?

Data & Technology Stream

This Stream focuses on some of the legal and technical challenges facing organisations today.

Sessions in this Stream include two panel sessions – one focusing on lessons for Information Security professionals on the use of Blockchain technology, and the other on global data protection variations and GDPR. Other sessions include case studies on developing and deploying new models identifying, storing and sharing sensitive data, as well as the latest security tools from Google.

CTOs, CIOs, Heads of Information Security, Heads of Data Security, Heads of Cloud Services, Heads of IT
Threat Landscape Stream

This Stream focuses on the wide nature of threats that can be utilised by cyber criminals, and the human, rather than technical, responses that organisations should be taking.

Sessions at TEISS 2019 include a high-level panel looking at the current and predicted trends in cyber threats; the security risk from legacy IoT connected devices; real-cases of Social Engineering; and the latest research into the cyber security of AI itself.

Perfect for: Chief Security Officers, CISOs, CTOs, Heads of IT, Heads of Security, Heads of Compliance, Heads of Privacy, Heads of Governance, Chief Technical Architects
What will be discussed?

How organisations can work together to defend everyone from cyber criminality

How senior Cyber Security Executives safeguard their own mental health, and those of their teams

Measuring progress in cultural change – which metrics are quantifiable, repeatable and comparable

Why your compliance checklists don’t offer the information security you need

GDPR and global data protection variations

External Threats: Emerging recent trends in cyber criminality and the current risk landscape

Best-practice in working with suppliers to identify shared vulnerabilities

Blockchain beyond the marketing: Where is it currently in use, and what are the lessons for Information Security professionals?

Real cases of Social Engineering: Hackers, competitors and insiders

Effective threat intelligence communication strategies: Upwards, downwards and outwards

Automatic profiling and GDPR: Is your use of AI to profile users and make automated decisions compliant?

Tickets for TEISS 2019 are currently available at £899 for private sector or £699 for public sector. Register now or for more information call Lace on 020 8349 6458 or email Lace.b@business-reporter.co.uk.

More info: https://teiss.eu/

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Venue London, Feb. 12, 2019, midnight - Feb. 13, 2019, midnight
Country United Kingdom