#1237547: ACM CCS 2019 Call For Papers

Description: ACM CCS 2019

The 26th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security
in London, UK, November 11-15, 2019




The Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS) seeks submissions presenting novel contributions related to all real-world aspects of computer security and privacy. Theoretical papers must make a convincing case for the relevance of their results to practice. Authors are encouraged to write the abstract and introduction of their paper in a way that makes the results accessible and compelling to a general computer-security researcher. In particular, authors should bear in mind that anyone on the program committee may be asked to give an opinion about any paper.

IMPORTANT: CCS will have three review cycles in 2019: the first with a submission deadline of January 31, the second with a submission deadline of May 15, and the third with a tentative submission deadline of September 1. The third review cycle is only for papers invited for resubmission from the first two cycles; no new submissions will be considered. Papers rejected from the first review cycle may not be submitted again (even in revised form) to the second review cycle.

Paper Submission Information

All submissions must be received by 11:59 PM AoE (UTC-12) on the day of the corresponding deadline (January 31, May 15, and September 1) through a submission site to be announced. Submitted papers must not substantially overlap with papers that have been published, accepted for publication, or simultaneously in submission to a journal, conference, or workshop with published proceedings. All submissions should be properly anonymized, removing all identifiable information whenever possible including obvious self-references. Papers not properly anonymized may be rejected without review.

All submitted papers will be evaluated based upon their merits, particularly their importance to practical aspects of computer and communications security and privacy, novelty, quality of execution, and presentation. For papers that might raise ethical concerns, authors are expected to convince reviewers that proper procedures (such as IRB approval) have been followed and due diligence has been made to minimize potential harm.

For each submission to one of the main review cycles, one of the following decisions will be made:
- Accept: Papers in this category will be accepted for publication in the proceedings and presentation at the conference, possibly after making minor changes with the oversight of a shepherd.
- Major Revision: Papers in this category are considered to be promising but need additional work (e.g., new experiments, proofs, or implementations), after which they will be re-evaluated. Authors may choose to resubmit such papers, with appropriate revisions, to another review cycle of this conference in 2019, in which case they should clearly explain how the revisions address the comments of the reviewers.
- Reject: Papers in this category are not allowed to resubmit to CCS in 2019.

Authors of accepted papers must ensure that their papers will be presented at the conference.

Paper Format

Submissions must be single PDF files, no more than 12 pages long in double-column ACM format (see https://www.acm.org/publications/proceedings-template, with a simpler version at https://github.com/acmccs/format), excluding the bibliography, well-marked appendices, and supplementary material. Note that reviewers are not required to read the appendices or any supplementary material. Authors should not change the font or the margins of the ACM format. Submissions not following the required format may be rejected without review.

Revised submissions should come with a summary to highlight the changes that have been made and explain how these changes address key review comments.
More info: https://packetstormsecurity.com/files/150409/ACM-CCS-2019-Call-For-Papers.html

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Venue London, Nov. 11, 2019, midnight - Nov. 15, 2019, midnight
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