#1254086: BUCHAREST SYMPOSIUM ON GLOBAL CYBERSECURITY AWARENESS Bucharest, Romania | June 26 - 27, 2019

Description: The fourth annual Symposium on Cybersecurity Awareness (Awareness IV) mediates the exchange of best practices for cybersecurity awareness campaign deployment at the national and transnational levels – and introduces the latest research in the behavioral factors that contribute to cybercrime’s success – and that can inform cybercrime’s suppression through awareness campaigns and education.

Awareness IV Bucharest’s objectives are to establish strategies for cybersecurity awareness with the development of messaging tools as a form of cybercrime prevention – and to present resources for deployment of national and globalized cybersecurity awareness campaigns.

In this way, STOP. THINK. CONNECT., APWG.EU, European Commission, RO-CERT, the National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics (ICI) and its correspondents worldwide are organizing the larger global cybercrime prevention effort, unifying the development of effective awareness programs through research specific to the larger awareness effort and informed advocacy of these programs.

Join us and be part of this effort to make awareness and education a primary global defense mechanism against cybercrime and other malicious online enterprises!

This year´s symposium is organized with the support of European Commission, RO-CERT and the ICI and hosted by the European Commission Representation Office in Bucharest.
More info: https://apwg.eu/bucharest-global-cybersecurity-awareness-2019/

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Venue Bucharest, June 26, 2019, midnight - June 27, 2019, midnight