#1254456: Hacktivists Team Up To Hack, Deface, Leak or Crash 39 Ecuadorian Websites Within First 24 Hours After Assange’s Arrest

Description: At this point it should go without saying, but yesterday morning the Ecuadorian Embassy in London decided against continuing Julian Assange's protection/asylum and he is now going to be extradited to stand trial in the United States - where he faces life in prison.

While every news outlet between here and the moon has already done their own spinoff story on these developments, what [ haven't seen anyone else covering is the response from at least some of the hacking! cyber security community - so this is what I will attempt to do here today.

First off, the very reason why Wikileaks founder was arrested yesterday was most likely for his open support for a number of leaked documents implicating Ecuador's President recently -likely leaked for his decision to put so much pressure on Julian Assange in the first place over recent weeks. The leaked cache of documents in question is officially referred to as the INA Papers - which you can browse in their entirety below.

With that established, within the first 24 hours of Assange's arrest different hackers from all around the world appear to have teamed up together to launch a massive and coordinated series of cyber attacks against the Ecuadorian Government and its infrastructure. While it would be impossible to find them all, here is everything I was able to research - 39 different targets of hacks, leaks, defaces and/or DDoS attacks April nth-12th 2019. Among the participants were Anonymous, LuizSec, Pryzraky, CYB3R COV3N and many more.

See the link for details
More info: https://roguemedialabs.com/2019/04/12/hacktivists-team-up-to-hack-deface-leak-or-crash-39-ecuadorian-websites-within-first-24-hours-after-assanges-arrest/

Date added April 13, 2019, 2:15 p.m.
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