#1254564: The government of Ecuador, hacked after the threat of Anonymous

Description: The group published a video in which it warned "all those who participated in the capture of the founder of Wikileaks": "Free Julian Assange or he will be paid". The Minister of Interior of the Government of Ecuador announced this Saturday that an institutional email and the website of a municipality of the country were pirated.

"Free Julian Assange or he will be paid." This is how the hacker group Anonymous has positioned itself. In a video, which has been sent to the United Kingdom, the United States and "all those who participated in the capture of the WikiLeaks founder ". Among the warnings issued by an individual, who wears a mask that is already related to the collective, have exposed that "every powerful person who has signed this order should be trembling, because the strength of the Internet is about to explode on them."

In the same vein, the group has announced that they are "looting the Ecuadorian government several activists from around the world" and that it plans to hack "the systems of the Lenin Moreno Government".

The head of the Interior of Ecuador, María Paula Romo, revealed this Saturday that an institutional email and the website of a municipality in the country had already been hacked after the Anonymous group warnings.

"Despite having suffered cyber attacks in recent days, no page of the central government, or key sectors of the private world, is intervened or removed from the air," said the minister and also responsible for the National Secretariat for Policy Management through your official Twitter account.

Although he did not give details of who might be behind the cyber attacks, Romo said that "they have managed to intervene an institutional mail and a page of a municipality."

In the video, Anonymous also details the number of a supposed bank account belonging to the Ecuadorian president, which locates in Switzerland, and indicates that it has more than 14 million dollars.

The networks have also echoed what is supposed to be the proof of the hacking of an official account of the Ecuadorian State, corresponding to the Decentralized Autonomous Government of La Maná canton, in the central province of Cotopaxi, in which an image of Assange appears. in a vehicle after his arrest.

Ecuador's Prosecutor General's Office reported Saturday that it had brought charges against a 36-year-old Swedish citizen for his alleged involvement in a crime against the integrity of computer systems in the country and that, according to Romo, was linked to WikiLeaks. The judicial authority responsible for the case ordered preventive detention and the immobilization of the bank accounts of the defendant.

The Ministry of the Interior, in coordination with the police, ordered the arrest of the Swedish citizen on Thursday at the Mariscal Sucre airport in Quito, when he was about to travel to Japan.

Although the authorities have not revealed the detainee's identity, in social networks the alleged hacker has been identified as Ola Bini, and a solidarity campaign has been launched that demands his release.

More info: https://www.publico.es/internacional/gobierno-ecuador-hackeado-amenaza-anonymous.html

Date added April 15, 2019, 11 a.m.
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