#1254578: Virobot Ransomware Is A Multi-Tasking Menace

Description: If ransomware is a cybercriminal’s friend, the new ransomware called Virobot, is their best friend – ever. Discovered just last month, Virobot is a one-stop-shop malware that uses ransomware, keylogging, and botnets – a triple threat. Traditionally, ransomware attacks enter through opened phishing emails and clicked attachments. It then it freezes computers and encrypts their data, rendering them useless. From there, a ransom payable in bitcoin is demanded, promising to provide the decryption key that restores data and devices. Depending on the target and how vital access to their data is – think hospitals and law enforcement – a decision to pay the ransom is made. Depending on how well an organization backs up its data, the organization can get back up and running on its own – so some ransoms go unpaid. From what’s been seen so far, Virobot ransomware may have its victims wishing for the “old school” days of simple ransomware attacks.
More info: https://www.databreaches.net/virobot-ransomware-is-a-multi-tasking-menace/

Date added April 15, 2019, 12:31 p.m.
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