#1263206: Troy Hunt Looks to Sell Have I Been Pwned

Description: “Project Svalbard” has commenced, as Hunt looks for the right company to take over the password-focused service.

Citing overwhelming demands on his time, Troy Hunt is looking for a buyer for his site, Have I Been Pwned (HIBP).

HIBP offers a free service for consumers wanting to know if their user names and passwords have been compromised in a data breach; it also offers commercial services that include alerts for members of identity-theft programs, enabling infosec companies to provide services to their customers, protecting large online assets from credential stuffing attacks, preventing fraudulent financial transactions, and giving governments and law enforcement assistance with investigations.

Hunt has been running the site for six years, and said in a posting on Tuesday that the sheer amount of breached information out there needing to be loaded into the database has accelerated to the point of outstripping one person’s capability to keep up with it.

He noted that starting in January, with the massive Collection #1 data dump, his responsibilities in keeping HIBP afloat have spiked. This has led to him having to cut back on other things, like maintaining his social media presence on Twitter and writing technical blog posts. Even so, he’s continued to travel and speak globally, upload weekly videos, and participate in industry and media events – resulting in something “very close to burnout,” he said, as he tried to keep up with it all plus have a family life.

“Each and every disclosure to an organization that didn’t even know their data was out there fell to me (and trust me, that’s massively time-consuming and has proven to be the single biggest bottleneck to loading new data),” he wrote. “Every media interview, every support request and frankly, pretty much every single thing you could possibly conceive of was done by just one person in their spare time. This isn’t just a workload issue either; I was becoming increasingly conscious of the fact that I was the single point of failure. And that needs to change.”

Nicknaming the acquisition project “Project Svalbard” after the Arctic island location of the world’s most enormous seed bank, Hunt said he’s working with consultancy KPMG to identify potential buyers. He plans to let the process happen “organically,” he said, and there’s no timeline on it. He’s already started to have conversations with candidates, however.
More info: https://threatpost.com/troy-hunt-sell-have-i-been-pwnd/145565/

Date added June 12, 2019, 7:02 a.m.
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