#1276006: Cybercrime Black Markets: RDP Access Remains Cheap and Easy

Description: The incidence of cybercrime continues to increase, in part, due to the easy availability inexpensive hacking tools and services on the black market.

Indeed, a thriving cybercrime-as-a-service ecosystem continues to aid criminals every step of the way, from gaining access to infected PCs, using malware to steal data, crypto-locking systems with ransomware, employing money mules to cash out attacks - including physical goods and gift cards - and tapping bitcoin tumbling or mixing and other money laundering services to hide illicit revenue streams and help cash out (see: Why Cybercrime Remains Impossible to Eradicate).

Procuring goods, services and stolen data continues to be disarmingly inexpensive, thus facilitating the business of cybercrime.

A recent review of 12 English- and Russian-language cybercrime markets, for example, found U.S. credit card data with CVV numbers being sold for an average of $5 to $12 each, increasing to up to $25 for records that also included the cardholder's date of birth and their bank's identity number. U.S. cards sold for less than U.K. cards, which retailed for $17 on average.

The research, conducted by the threat resistance unit at cloud security vendor Armor, found the usual array of offerings that remain commonplace on underground cybercrime markets. These include access credentials for bank checking and savings accounts, full identity packets - aka fullz - distributed denial-of-service and spamming services, stolen medical records, as well as remote desktop protocol credentials for as-yet-unhacked Windows servers. Such marketplaces are typically "darknet" sites, meaning they're hosted on the anonymizing Tor network.
More info: https://www.bankinfosecurity.com/cybercrime-black-markets-rdp-access-remains-cheap-easy-a-13054

Date added Sept. 11, 2019, 7:31 p.m.
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