#1277720: 2019 CyberCon: Cybersecurity & the Electric Grid Conference - Nov. 19-21 Anaheim, CA.

Description: The single greatest challenge facing the power and utility industry today is the threat of cyberattacks.

We are living in a historic moment – a market revolution, unprecedented in its speed, computational power, and interconnectedness. New innovations have transformed everything: how we bank, how we move, how we eat, how we live. This market revolution is also unusual for its dependence on electrical power and the utility grid. At the risk of stating the obvious, the grid is the single most important piece of infrastructure. Indeed, national security, economic prosperity, and the well-being of all people depend on the global energy infrastructure.

Yet, this massive platform, spread across infinite devices, networks and organizations, is not as secure as it could be … or must be. This entire network – routine actions in energy procurement, production and delivery of energy to each and every home, interconnections across industry supply-chains – is vulnerable to cyberattack. For those tasked with keeping our nation’s power supply operating safely and reliably, a cyberattack can translate to disaster on multiple fronts. In dollars alone, the total cost of global cybercrime is expected to exceed $2 trillion in 2019, with that number being a four-fold cost increase from 2015. These threats are malignant, and inherently more complex than they were even a few years ago.

Devastating consequences can linger for any industry leaving itself unprotected (or under-protected) from cyber terrorism. However, a major cyberthreat targeting the U.S. power grid represents a modern-day wrecking ball to life as we know it. Losses are measured not only in dollars, but in the millions of lives put at risk, when communities “go dark.” Without power, our safe food and water supply is quickly exhausted, lighting, heating and cooling are extinguished, hospitals are unable to operate, medicines and medical supplies are compromised, police and emergency services are rendered inoperable, the financial services sector crashes, transportation grinds to a halt, and of course, all phone, video and internet communication become useless. The impact of an attack like this is felt long after the incident itself is over, and indeed, the destructive aftermath of such a strike is almost inconceivable.

As National Intelligence Director, Dan Coats, reiterated to the U.S. Congress in July of 2018, “The warning lights are blinking red!”

Cyber-insecurity is now a pervasive problem for the entire U.S. power grid, so being vigilant no longer means delegating security issues to just your IT department. Managing these threats BEFORE irreversible damage is done is the only way to protect your assets and our nation’s power grid.

It’s clear that the biggest mistake anyone in this industry can make is ignoring that warning light – or looking in the rear-view mirror for answers.
Safeguard Your Power & Utility Company From Cyber Terrorism

Cyber terrorism hurts indiscriminately and strikes without warning. Companies who put off protection, or continue to use antiquated or obsolete IT security systems, are doomed to become another breach statistic in tomorrow’s headlines. What’s more, finding the right conference partner to help you and your company navigate this complicated landscape can be overwhelming. Just as all cybersecurity solutions are NOT created equal, not every conference in this sector is tailored to power and utility leaders. But you have a partner now… Welcome to CyberCon.
“Power On” with CyberCon

CyberCon is the only event of its kind, dedicated exclusively to helping the power and utility industry find the very best solutions in cybersecurity. We created this event for you, so you can trust that our experts, speakers, and panelists have been carefully chosen based on their deep knowledge and proficiency in this sector. And with our unique Q&A session format, CyberCon delegates gain special access to our speakers via our breakout Q&A sessions, offering the opportunity to interact with the most sought-out experts in this field. When you attend CyberCon, there is one focus and that is to help your company to secure your most valuable assets, now and in the future.

Recognizing what makes the U.S. power grid vulnerable is, of course, only half the battle. That’s where this event really steps up! CyberCon is a cybersecurity conference, where every attendee is provided the expert guidance necessary to identify and help solve critical cyber threats within the power and utility industry. The event offers a robust schedule of incredible speakers, insightful experts and interesting and informative panelists, as well as proven and emerging technologies that will enable you to safeguard your assets from future cyber-attacks and threats. Attendees will also have plenty of time to network with over 1,200+ executives, leaders and decision makers. CyberCon’s goal is to foster an environment of purpose-driven discussions and resilience-based solutions.

The CyberCon conference is unique to the cybersecurity and energy industries, because it features the country’s most respected cybersecurity experts, armed with unparalleled knowledge and experience in the world of combating cyber threats. When you attend CyberCon, you’ll quickly notice, this is a different level of conference altogether. Casting a wide net across dozens of sectors isn’t what CyberCon is about; we understand executives in the utility and power sector have very distinct challenges facing them, when it comes to cyber threats. CyberCon will help you identify those challenges and create the safety net needed to keep your assets and the U.S. power grid truly stay safe.

More info: https://www.cyberconconference.com/?utm_source=energycentral&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=mediapartner2019

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Venue Anaheim, Nov. 19, 2019, midnight - Nov. 21, 2019, midnight
Country USA