#1280274: Twitter: mail addresses and telephone numbers can be used for advertisements

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Description: The email addresses and telephone numbers of Twitter users, which are intended for the use of, for example, two-factor authentication, may have been used to present users with advertisements targeted on the platform.

Twitter states that it has recently discovered that the e-mail addresses and telephone numbers have been used 'unintentionally' for the systems for Custom audiences and Partner Audiences. With this, advertisers can present targeted advertisements to users based on the marketing lists, on which e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, for example, have been collected. Advertisers can also offer their advertisements to groups that have been proposed by third parties.

According to Twitter, things went wrong when an advertiser uploaded his marketing list. Twitter says it may have linked people on its platform to that list based on the email address or phone number that users use for security purposes. The message platform says this was an error and apologizes.

Twitter cannot say how many people were directly affected by this error, but according to the company, personal data was never shared with external partners or any third party partners. Twitter says that steps have been taken so that such an incident should no longer occur. Since September 17, email addresses and phone numbers collected for security purposes are no longer used for advertising, according to Twitter.

Facebook received a lot of criticism a year ago after it turned out to use security telephone numbers for targeting advertisements in a similar way . This also happened if the users had not provided the data to Facebook themselves. This happens when a user shares his contacts with the phone number of another person with a Facebook account; Facebook then links that number to that account, even though the owner of that account has not shared anything.

Targeted advertising with telephone numbers is basically done via a private list of telephone numbers that companies have. They do not get to see the telephone numbers of Facebook or Twitter users, but they can provide their list themselves and if there are agreements, those people will be presented with an advertisement.
More info: https://tweakers.net/nieuws/158342/twitter-mailadressen-en-telefoonnummers-kunnen-gebruikt-zijn-voor-advertenties.html

Date added Oct. 9, 2019, 1:49 p.m.
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