#1287108: QuBit Conference - BELGRADE2019

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Description: QuBit started its journey as an idea. That idea came to life in 2014, when the first QuBit Conference was organized by its founders Ondrej and Maria, with the first 25 attendees onboard. They created the core of the community and attended each year ever since. In 2018 the 5th annual conference attracted almost 250 professionals.

Ondrej’s vision of creating a cybersecurity community event in Central Europe symbolizes his gratitude towards the Central European region. After all, this is where he grew up and received his world-class computer science and informatics education, which opened the doors to the United States for him. After two decades of a successful cyber career in New York City, he met Maria, an open-minded and hardworking professional, and the dream was ready to become a reality. Together, they created a small team of enthusiastic and highly motivated people with a clear vision and a very strong mission.
More info: https://belgrade.qubitconference.com/

Date added Nov. 13, 2019, 8:35 p.m.
Source QuBit Conference
  • Conferences and Seminars Europe
Venue Belgrade, June 18, 2020, midnight - June 18, 2020, midnight
Country Serbia