#1289176: CFP - Security BSides Ljubljana 0x7E4 | April 4, 2020

Description: BSidesLjubljana - <https://bsidesljubljana.si>
Date: April 4, 2020
Venue: TBD, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe
CFP URL: <https://bsidesljubljana.si/cfp/>
Email: cfp[at]bsidesljubljana[dot]si
Twitter: @BSidesLjubljana
Twitter hashtag: #BSidesLjubljana

-=[ CALL FOR PAPERS ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

We are looking for speakers, sponsors and everyone in between!

Topics of interest include (but are in no way limited to) the
following, preference is given to talks that actually provide
solutions as well as insight to problems:

[*] Offensive and Defensive Technologies and Techniques
[*] Bugs and Reverse Engineering (finding and fixing)
[*] Incident Handling, Forensics and Anti-Forensics
[*] Virtualisation, Container, and Cloud Computing Security
[*] Owning the Enterprise, Infrastructure, Applications,
Databases and Client-side security
[*] Cryptography, Cryptocurrencies, Cryptozoology and other
[*] Embedded/Hardware Hacking and the Internet of Shit(tm)
[*] Application and Mobile Security
[*] Networking, Comms, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)
[*] Human hacking / Social engineering
[*] Cyberspace, Policing, Law, Interception, and Human Rights

(If it is not on the list but want to submit anyway, please
do so and we’ll be glad to consider it!)

Please submit entries via:


We are planning several participation formats. The terms and
conditions are described below:

#1. 40 minutes talk

The speaker is granted 40 minutes to present his/her paper
and 10 minutes to answer the questions from the audience.
Talks will be held in two tracks in separate halls at the

#2. 20-minutes talks

The speaker is granted 20 minutes to present his/her paper
and 10 minutes to answer the questions from the audience.
Talks will be held in two tracks in separate halls at the

#3. Workshops

The speaker prepares his/her presentation and any
training materials he/she needs. He/she is granted 2
or more hours to conduct the master class in
a separate hall/room.

#4. Lightning talks

The speaker is granted 7 minutes (that includes HW
preparation for slides, if there are any, as well as Q&A)
to present his/her paper in the main venue hall.
NOTE: For this type of format, you register your talk
at the event.

Please submit your talk/workshop
proposals via <https://0x7e4.bsidesljubljana.si/cfp-form/>

We do not accept marketing and non-technical commercial

The accepted language is English.

We can’t wait to see your ideas!

-=[ TIMELINE ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

[*] 2019 October 31th: CFP Open
[*] 2020 January 20th: CFP Deadline
[*] 2020 January 30th: Acceptance Notification
[*] 2020 April 4th: \o/ BSides Ljubljana 0x7E4 \o/

-=[ Are you interested in sponsoring us? ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

BSides Ljubljana is a non-profit community driven event, and
relies on the kind sponsorship of people and companies like
you to succeed. If you want to support the initiative and
gain visibility by sponsoring, please contact us by
writing an e-mail to 'sponsorship [at] bsidesljubljana.si'.
More at <https://0x7e4.bsidesljubljana.si/sponsors/>

If you have any questions, please certainly feel free
to contact me directly.
More info: https://seclists.org/fulldisclosure/2019/Nov/23

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Venue TBD, Ljubljana, Slovenia, April 4, 2020, midnight - April 4, 2020, midnight
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