#1289778: Roaming Mantis: an Anatomy of a DNS Hijacking Campaign - Additional IOCs

Description: At least 6,000 mobile devices are infected with malicious apps, leaking more than 1 million pieces of personal information. The infection spreads to 55 countries in the world and South Korea being the main target has a victim rate of 75%.

First Aid: IOCs


FileHash-MD5 720c9528f2bb436fa3ca2196af718332
FileHash-MD5 710b672224653ad7e31bd081031928b4
FileHash-MD5 2275e5b5186fdfddd64cbb653cc7c5e2
FileHash-MD5 7d41ef4c8e39d4dd8ca937d23521254a
FileHash-MD5 95aa090211fd06bbd2d2c310d0742371
FileHash-MD5 c2dea0e63bd58062824fd960c6ff5d10
FileHash-MD5 11ab174bf1dbac0418a14853bae5f1ae
FileHash-MD5 14eb70a63a16612ec929b552fced6190
More info: https://otx.alienvault.com/pulse/5de51f47d52e15a3a6eae896

Date added Dec. 2, 2019, 5 p.m.
Source AlienVault
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