#1295130: Interested in DevOps? You should be at DevOps Live 2020

Description: Over the last decade, DevOps has changed the way that IT departments run their day-to-day operations. A far cry from the legacy waterfall style of development, DevOps means a faster time to market, more collaborative working and greater efficiency - but it's a confusing space, too.

Appropriately for a topic that is all about agility, DevOps is ever-changing. It can be difficult to keep up-to-date with every new tool, process and business best practice that enters the market, especially while you're completely changing your corporate culture to embrace DevOps.

That's why we run DevOps Live - our free annual event for IT professionals, which gives you all the information you need to make your implementation a success story. With news, case studies and the chance to talk to peers and vendors, attendance is essential.

Speakers in 2020 include Aubrey Stearn of Oakham, Simon Skelton of John Lewis and Sonya Moisset of Photobox Group and Pride in London. Just announced as a speaker, Moisset will present the case study ‘Keep Calm and Secure Your CI/CD Pipeline', discussing her work with Pride in London (a project using Gatsby2, Contentful and Netify), and demonstrating how to create a secure CI/CD pipeline.

No-one has ever said change is easy. Once the initial enthusiasm generated by evangelists and early adopters has died down, what then? Is there enough momentum to keep DevOps moving forward, or will the organisation slip back into its comfort zone? Has the original vision survived contact with the real world? Our speakers will cover all of these topics and more.

Every organisation is unique and there is no book of rules. The best way to move to the next stage of the journey is to learn from those who have already been there. Join us at Computing's sixth DevOps Live event to hear about how others have moved forward, the challenges they faced, the mistakes they made, and how they put things right. Through expert keynotes, end-user case studies, and moderated panel discussions the event will cover the key issues surrounding the transition to DevOps, pushing through Agile, and bringing people with you as you do.
More info: https://www.computing.co.uk/ctg/news/3084889/interested-in-devops-you-should-be-at-devops-live-2020

Date added Jan. 7, 2020, 2:51 p.m.
Source Computing
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Venue London, March 18, 2020, midnight - March 18, 2020, midnight
Country UK