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Description: teissLondon2020 | The European Information Security Summit

teissLondon2020 Complimentary passes are only available for senior executives with responsibility for cybersecurity in companies with over 500 employees.

teissLondon2020 (www.teiss.co.uk/london) will welcome over 100 speakers from around the world for two days of high-level Presentations, Panel sessions, Roundtables and Workshops. teissLondon2020 is the largest cyber security summit across Europe focusing on the human challenges in improving delegates’ cyber security efforts, the latest threats they face, and the technological developments that can support them.

This year, we are focusing on key themes and challenges faced by 500+ CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, Heads of Information Security and other senior cyber security professionals;

Plenary stream

The Information Commissioner’s Office GDPR investigations and decisions, and expectations in 2020 and beyond
Technology ethics: How can we create and use technologies so that they deliver maximum benefit and pose minimum harm?
Security and Privacy by design: How can information security leaders ensure their organisations avoid a “bolt-on” approach and minimise risk
Protecting your human resources: Strategies to identify and avoid Information Security professional burn-out during the day-to-day and during a crisis
Empower your people, strengthen your culture and reduce your cyber risk
CISOs & Strategic stream

Quantifiable approaches for measuring the effectiveness of your internal SOC or MSSP
Strategies to quantify your organisation’s cyber risk, and making your messages effective at board level
The CISO’s Legal Briefing: GDPR, Brexit and Data protection changes in global, regional and national jurisdictions
Identifying the barriers to improving cyber resilience in your organisation, and how to overcome them
Password-less authentication: Where is biometric or behavioural authentication deployed, and best-practice in implementation
Evaluating and minimising information security risks across multi-Cloud estate
Culture & Education stream

Aligning private security and company security: Making your people the CISO of their own homes
Recognising and overcoming the cognitive biases that undermine your information security training
The ways that your user awareness programme is failing, and what you should do about it
How to create and sustain a high-performance security culture
Tailoring your security awareness programmes to overcome colleagues’ inbuilt biases
Developing and deploying a skills competency framework for the development of your Cyber Security professionals
Behavioural economics and calculating the impact of your Information Security policies
Recruitment, retention and diversity in information security – energising the talent market
Threat Landscape stream

Using Artificial Intelligence to identify malicious activity within your network
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and human ingenuity – enhancing your people to combat cyber threats
Threats in the supply chain: Balancing your internal and the external requirements and competing risk agendas
High-end, regulatory-driven, red-teaming: What are the techniques and how quickly are they evolving?
Tackling the insider threat – investing in your investigators and using understandable and enforceable policies
Threat trends in 2020 and beyond; Deep fakes, misinformation and reputational attacks
Quantum Computing and the timeline of the threat to your encryption
Social engineering and Spear-phishing – using real cases to protect and advise your senior colleagues
Using blockchain for information security in identity management and compliance
teissLondon2020 speakers include

Stephen Eckersley, Director of Investigations, Information Commissioner’s Office
Dr. Stephanie Hare, Author, “Technology Ethics”
Deborah Howarth, CISO, Penguin Random House
Dr. Keyun Ruan, Google Cloud Specialist Engineering, Computer Scientist & Author, Google
Dr. Jessica Barker, Chair, ClubCISO
Peter Gibbons, CSO, Network Rail
Ian Thornton-Trump, Head of Cyber Security, AMTrust International
Nicole Keeley, Head of Cyber Security Oversight, Civil Aviation Authority
Allan Alford, Delivery CISO, NTT DATA Services
Dr. Dave Chatterjee, Associate Professor, University of Georgia
Marilise de Villiers, High performance coach
Bridget Kenyon, Global CISO, Thales eSecurity
Daniela Somerscales, CISO, Clearbank
Paul Watts, CISO, Dominos Pizza
More info: https://www.teiss.co.uk/london/

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Venue 155 Bishopsgate London EC2M 3YD, Feb. 12, 2020, midnight - Feb. 13, 2020, midnight
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