#1301943: Join Us for Cycon 3.0! - Calling All Hackers, Cybersecurity Professionals, and Students

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Our 3rd Annual NOVA CyCon event in Loudoun has a full lineup of cybersecurity experts, speakers and federal contractors presenting on cutting-edge topics!

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Opening Remarks
Michael Torres - Sr. Solution Architect in AI, Cybersecurity, Cloud, and Human Resources at Serco Inc.

Michael Torres has over 20 years of experience as a Transformation and Global Change Agent for IT, Cloud Computing & Cybersecurity. He has lead multiple transformation efforts for both Fortune 500 and Federal Government organizations. Most recently, he designed the Human Capital Business Reference Model which he used to lead Federal HRIT Cloud Transformation. He also holds over 20 industry certifications and is currently a GWU doctoral candidate in Human and Organizational Learning with a research focus in Federal Cyber Policy. Michael currently serves as a Sr. Solution Architect in AI, Cybersecurity, Cloud, and Human Resources at Serco Inc. and a Professor in IT, Cybersecurity, and Cloud at NVCC.

Keynote Speaker
Cookies Stole My Privacy - Presented by: Teresa Skehan

Without a doubt, we can all agree that cookies are delicious baked treats. However, they are also a computer file that’s becoming more and more important in the digital age. Cookie advocates will laud the importance of improving the experience for users on the Internet. Privacy advocates will argue that we don’t need to have information about ourselves being stored, particularly as the information relates to our browsing habits.

The European Union Regulation, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), mandates that companies need to get your explicit consent to collect your personal information. Cookies can identify you via your device. That is why we are seeing so many websites requesting your permission before placing a cookie on your computer/device.

What are the pros and cons of cookies? Is our privacy being stolen from us? Come and participate in a lively debate relative to maintaining individual privacy and standing up to the biggest perpetrators of online tracking.

Speaking Topics
Secure Digital Transformation - Cybersecurity Skills For a Safe Journey to DevOps and Cloud presented by: Troy Marshall

According to IDC, 85% of enterprise decision-makers say they have a time frame of two years to make significant inroads into digital transformation or they risk falling behind their competitors and suffering financially. Unfortunately, an insecure digital transformation can cause even greater financial or reputational damage than not transforming at all.

Successful digital transformations don’t begin with technology, they begin with people. As organizations adopt DevOps and cloud and realize the increased release velocity, ensuring the security of software and systems at the same velocity is a necessity but doing so isn’t easy. In this talk you will learn about common security challenges in DevOps and cloud and the skills cybersecurity professionals need to solve these challenges.

Sex, Spies, and Fast Cars™ - Adventures with Smartphones presented by: Dave White

Smartphones have been revolutionary in transforming our daily lives and business. They come with capabilities offering great convenience and mobile, timely access to information. However, smartphones come with vulnerabilities, which threaten individual and organizational interests in ways most fail to recognize. This presentation will examine the vulnerabilities inherent with smartphones, look at data collection, sharing and usage, and highlight the impact on the user. It’s aim is to assist smartphone owners and enterprise managers in evaluating and mitigating risk through conscious choices, to develop secure behaviors, and into making informed decisions.

The Payments Ecosystem: Security Challenges in the 21st Century presented by: Phil Smith III

We’ve all heard about the Ashley Madison breach—and Sony, and the IRS, and Target, and Equifax, and… Despite increased spending on security every year, data breaches keep happening, especially in the area of payment (credit and debit) cards. These instruments are established features of commerce, built on various networks and high-performance back-end systems.

How does this ecosystem work? What are its vulnerabilities and security gaps, and how can we defend them? Breaches occur despite best efforts, and despite PCI DSS compliance.

Come learn about how the payments ecosystem works, what really happened at Target and elsewhere, how the threat landscape is evolving, what the attackers are doing, and how merchants and processors are reacting.

The Fifth Domain presented by: Sushila Nair

The Pentagon calls cyber-space the fifth domain of conflict in addition to land, sea, air and space. In 2017 the world came the closest it has ever come to cyberwar. In this session, we will cover the evolution of cyberwar and how businesses should work to minimize the risk of becoming collateral damage in the war of tomorrow.
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Venue Higher Education Center - NOVA Loudoun 21200 Campus Drive Sterling, VA 20164, Feb. 14, 2020, midnight - Feb. 14, 2020, midnight
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