#1302355: The Cybersecurity Summit in Munich

Description: Command Control, the European cross-sector cybersecurity dialog platform in Munich on March 3–4, 2020. Meet the most capable and visionary cybersecurity minds in Europe. Learn more about global trends and regulations at Command Control 2020.

Command Control —a review
That's why you should visit Command Control
Worldwide trends and new regulations on cybersecurity
Practical knowledge with direct business impact
Meet like-minded digital transformation leaders

At the Summit, you will meet world-leading thought leaders and professionals in cyber security, as well as specialists in governance, risk and compliance and digital transformation leader. The participation will directly impact your organization

International top speakers
The Summit brings together international top speakers and thought leaders. Meet speakers from business, politics and science to gather the latest findings, case studies and future perspectives.

We handpick our speakers to help you learn from their experiences and mistakes. You can look forward to inspirational insights on digital leadership and pivotal issues of secure digitization from the most capable, knowledgeable and visionary minds from end-user or research organizations.

In 2020 our agenda is built on three pillars that we grant individual stages: Global Level, Organization Level and Individual Level content.

These attendees will be with you at Command Control 2020
Information Security Professionals
Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Sales Officer, Information Security Manager
Governance—Risk—Compliance Professionals
Data Protection Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Business Continuity Manager
Digital Transformation Leaders
Chief Information Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Executive Officer
More info: https://www.command-control.com/en/visitors/facts/cybersecurity/?etcc_med=SEA&etcc_par=Google&etcc_cmp=COC20-Brand-Related_EN&etcc_grp=1317215852473140&etcc_bky=cyber%20security%20conference&etcc_mty=b&etcc_plc=&etcc_ctv=&etcc_bde=c&etcc_var=etcc_med=SEA&etcc_par=Bing&etcc_cmp=369686791&etcc_grp=1317215852473140&etcc_bky=cyber%20security%20conference&etcc_mty=b&etcc_plc=&etcc_ctv=&etcc_bde=c&etcc_var=&msclkid=bb0e8dccce6a127f2b51d38a9bb5e8d3&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=COC20_Besucher_Brand-Related_EN&utm_term=cyber%20security%20conference&utm_content=Cybersecurity%20Konferenz

Date added Feb. 14, 2020, 11:30 a.m.
Source Command
  • Conferences and Seminars Europe
Venue Munich, March 3, 2020, midnight - March 4, 2020, midnight
Country Germany