#1302822: Cyber Resilience - Financial Sector - 2 Day Executive Bootcamp

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Description: CRI is hosting a 2 Day Executive Bootcamp, designed specifically for the financial sector to deal with the challenge of Cyber Resilience.

About this Event
It is no secret that the financial sector is a particular focus for cyber threat actors. The sector is interdependent and interconnected and any impact on it may have a knock on or contagion effect upon the wider industry. Cybercriminals have developed targeted methodologies and resources in order to compromise what they see as the “low hanging fruit” targets.

Cyber resilience including incident response is a leadership issue and those with the responsibility of protecting the financial sector need to understand how to handle a cyber incident.

CRI has developed a non-technical course specifically for senior executives that wish to understand what is involved in planning for and responding to cyber-attacks in the financial sector.

Delegates of this two-day bootcamp course will learn why the financial sector continues to be such a large target for the cyber threat actors and gain a holistic understanding of the cyber incident response process. The syllabus outlines all the stages involved from prevention to eradication and recovery. Delivered by a highly experienced cyber security expert, referencing real life case studies and outlining practical and pragmatic steps every organisation can take.
More info: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/cyber-resilience-financial-sector-2-day-executive-bootcamp-registration-94182184449

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Venue Hotel City Centre Dublin, April 16, 2020, midnight - April 17, 2020, midnight
Country Ireland