#1307285: CYBERCON 2020

Description: Coordination among all members of the executive and Industrial Cyber Security teams has been identified as a critical cyber strategy and risk management success factor.

CyberCon’s conference program, interactive demonstrations and networking opportunities are designed to benefit executive and professional team members from North American electric power and energy sector companies, their cybersecurity leadership and workforce development teams, federal, state and local agencies and partner companies from critical upstream and downstream industries. Conference Programming is specifically designed for:

CEOs, COOs and CFOs charged with enterprise-wide mandates

CISO’s, CIO’s and IT/OT leadership and management with direct cybersecurity oversight

Operations leadership and management responsible for asset management and protection

Human Capital Management leadership and workforce development team members

What Separates CyberCon from other Conferences? 

Addressing the Unique Challenges of Executive Management

There are many conferences with existing content on OT cybersecurity solutions from a technical perspective. However CyberCon’s primary focus is on the unique management challenges that executives face and answers the most pressing industrial cybersecurity questions in today’s marketplace:

How do I evaluate OT cybersecurity and cyber-physical incidents as a business risk?

What technology do I REALLY need?

When I should deploy it? What do I need to do first?

How do I get my head around an effective OT cybersecurity program?

What are the most effective organizational models and workforce development programs to effectively integrate IT & OT cybersecurity?
More info: https://cyberconconference.com/?utm_source=cyberwire&utm_medium=event_listing&utm_term=registrations_cybersec&utm_content=banner_690x130&utm_campaign=csg_cybercon2020_registration

Date added March 11, 2020, 7:53 p.m.
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  • Conferences and Seminars North America
Venue Anaheim Convention Center in California, March 30, 2020, midnight - April 1, 2020, midnight