#1415641: Event - S4X22 - 25-27 Jan 2022 in Miami South Beach

BRI comment: Registration required
Description: Three S4x22 Basic Sponsor Packages are available at a cost of $15,000 and two are available for free. The Basic Sponsor Package includes:

A 9’x9’ cabana at the Wednesday afternoon, 1PM to 4PM, Cabana Sessions. Meet and inform potential clients and major industry influencers in a casual environment around the pool. (See the Cabana Session video at the bottom of this page)
Recognition on S4xevent web site, mobile app, signage and other S4x22 collateral.
Two S4x22 tickets to use as you like, and two additional people can work the Cabana Sessions.
Lead generation capability from QR code on badges.
Our sole focus at S4 is improving the attendee experience. Providing the S4 attendee with the information and environment to help them create the future. One important part of this is the sponsors who are showing solutions and ideas at the Cabana Sessions. We want to have a mix of solutions and ideas that will be new and important to the advanced ICS security professional we design S4 for. The influencers who will help drive the market.

Consider the following when you submit your application:

Dragos, Nozomi, PAS, Phoenix Contact, Tenable and Service Now are already in the Cabana Sessions due to their Partner and Sponsor package. You will not want to suggest something that is duplicative of what you expect them to show. If you have a similar solution, include the different aspect of your solution that these vendors don’t have or do differently.
What is it about your solution you will show that is new? Remember the target S4 attendee knows the basics. If you are proposing to highlight something that has been out for years, your application will be less likely to be accepted.
New is not sufficient. It also must be important. Something that will make a major difference. Something the attendee really should learn about.
The review and selection process is quite simple. Dale and a couple of others will imagine themselves walking around the show and determine if what you are planning to show in the Cabanan will be new, important and different that is already being shown.

We didn’t want a lack of money in a startup, industry organization, academic or individual to prevent important information from reaching the S4 attendees. So two of the five Basic Sponsor packages will be provided for free.

We will review all applications submitted in July and notify the five selected Basic Sponsors before August 15th. You can download the application here or fill out the form below.
More info: https://s4xevents.com/basic-sponsor/

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Venue Miami South Beach, Jan. 25, 2022, midnight - Jan. 27, 2022, midnight
Country USA