#1509890: RISK NORDICS 2022


Covering the Nordics and Baltics market
Learn how major banks, insurers and funds are tackling the hottest topics in risk across the Nordic and Baltic regions:


Hear keynote talks from the ECB and EBA
We are delighted to be joined by Jérôme Henry, Principal Advisor at the European Central Bank, who will be providing updates on macroeconomic projections and their expected impacts on financial institutions.

We will also be joined by Andreas Pfeil from the European Banking Authority, delivering a keynote covering the risk implications of rising interest rates and market volatility, and identifying revenue drivers and asset quality across the financial sector.

Join us to hear directly from the main regulators.

Compare approaches to risk management with your peers
Connect and solve common issues regarding topics such as:

Climate risk - transition and physical risk as well as stress testing advice
Credit risk modelling and unprecedented scenarios
Approaches to market risk and FRTB compliance
Digital and technology risk
Risk governance and oversight

A line-up of CROs and Heads of Risk
Hear from the Chief Risk Officers who are shaping the risk management practices from the heart of their organisations.

They join us across our speaker line-up, but will come together to share their main priorities for the next 12 months, sharing their thoughts on the areas of risk that will require the highest focus.

Learn from technical risk specialists
Our speakers are experts in their fields, and can provide answers to the common challenges you've been facing. Hear from those such as:

Head of Model Risk
Stress Test and Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Chairman of Crisis Management
Head of AI Model Validation

The only event focused on the Nordics sector
Risk Nordics 2022 will enable risk leads from the key Nordic and Baltic countries to connect with each other and understand how they are beating shared problems.

The region has its own unique factors - such as market conditions and conduct culture expectations - so you'll hear the solutions that are most likely to work for you!
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Date added Sept. 29, 2022, 3 p.m.
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Venue Nov. 15, 2022, midnight - Nov. 16, 2022, midnight