#1510182: The EEMA Open SSI Forum

Description: What is ”The EEMA Open SSI Forum”?
In 2022 we have decided to have a flexible identity-related event as part of the ISSE Conference. It will be hosted at Spielfelds Digital Hub in Berlin, Germany. It will be a very open type of event – an unconference with a clear European angle. This means every attendee will have the opportunity to place an identity topic and have a discussion & debate on it. The call for topics is open and can be accessed when you book your place.

Why you should come?
As a non-profit think-tank, EEMA has the unrivalled ability to bring together technology experts, policymakers, and senior leaders from the public, private and academic sector institutions from across Europe and beyond. This means the forum is an essential hub for collaboration and innovation, facilitating meaningful change, as we look at opportunities for empowering businesses through digital transformation. Featuring the latest insights in this area of Identity and Security– this forum will cover many hot topics and critical areas.

Who will be attending the forum?
EEMA successfully executes its role as a sync tech and brings together the largest concentration of C-level leaders, decision-makers and technologists as well as grass-root activists. By attending ”The EEMA Open SSI Forum” you`ll gain real insights into the current state of the identity world and have the ability to network and discuss the latest ideas & innovations. Our expert attendees make the EEMA events unrivalled and packed with knowledge. Grab the chance to join the top leaders of Europe!
More info: https://www.eema.org/eema-open-ssi-forum-event2022/

Date added Sept. 30, 2022, 4:58 p.m.
Source EEMA
  • Conferences and Seminars Europe
Venue Nov. 17, 2022, midnight - Nov. 17, 2022, midnight