#1543872: Enterprise Cyber Security UAE & GULF 2023 - 11th September, 2023 - Dubai Habtoor Palace, Dubai

Description: Welcome to the 3rd Annual Enterprise Cyber Security 2023 – UAE and Gulf – the premier event for GCC Countries addressing the adoption of a safe cyber-resilient infrastructure and architecture through the deployment of innovative new technology across all major Business and Government organisations across the Middle East.

This powerful summit will set out the policies, frameworks and business strategies needed to make the GCC a digitally secure and digitally resilient region. Further aims of this event will be to bring together delegates, technology partners and businesses to align the objectives of their individual Cyber Security Strategies with that of the various Governments plans for a digital growth economy.

The importance of cyber resilience across the Middle East public and private sectors has never been greater. The GCC countries’ rapidly growing economies, high internet usage, mobile penetration, and highly sophisticated infrastructure make the GCC an attractive destination for hackers.

This strategic conference will take both a policy and business-led approach to addressing the key concerns of member states and look at appropriate cyber-tech solutions to tackle key threats and vulnerabilities that ensure business continuity and growth.
More info: https://whitehallmedia.co.uk/ecsuae2023/

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Venue Dubai Habtoor Palace, Dubai, Sept. 11, 2023, midnight - Sept. 11, 2023, midnight