#1543876: Enterprise Cyber Security Europe 2023 - 21st November, 2023 - Movenpick Hotel, Amsterdam

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Description: Developing a Secure Cyber-Resilient ecosystem across PAN-European Countries

Welcome to ECS Europe 2023 – The region’s leading strategy event addressing the implementation of Enterprise-wide cyber resilient infrastructure and architecture through the deployment of innovative new technology across all major Business and Government organisations across the whole of Europe.

This powerful summit will set out the policies, frameworks and business strategies needed to make Europe a digitally secure and digitally resilient continent. Further aims of this event will be to bring together delegates, technology partners and businesses to align the objectives of the EU States plans for a digital growth economy.

New national and international legislative compliances regarding information security and data protection place greater responsibility on senior executives in the determination of their organisation’s cyber security strategy. The ever-evolving threat landscape is also impacting a broader range of business operations and objectives, as every company’s ‘attack surface’ gets bigger due to business expansion and commercial growth.

ECS 2023 Europe conference and Exhibition will bring together cyber-aware board/c-suite level directors and executives working in European markets across multiple vertical sectors.

ECS 2023 Europe will uniquely analyses key cyber security issues from the business leadership perspective, with a special provision for contributed thought leadership. The conference will help decision-makers and influencer in the Cyber and c-suite space to better understand cyber security challenges from a business perspective, and apply fresh insight to one of the most daunting challenges European economies now face.

Digital technologies bring enormous opportunities for organisations, but they also bring new threats and vulnerabilities. ECS 2023 Europe – Conference and Exhibition will work closely partners to develop and implement action plans to enhance those fundamental levels of cyber resilience in our public, private and third sectors.
More info: https://whitehallmedia.co.uk/ecseuropenov2023/

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Venue Movenpick Hotel, Amsterdam, Nov. 21, 2023, midnight - Nov. 21, 2023, midnight
Country Netherlands