#1546433: Reuters Momentum - Leadership Summit & Global Broadcast - WATCH NOW! Stay Ahead of the Curve - Harness Generative AI Responsibly

Description: With the mainstream arrival of ChatGPT and other generative AI programs, tech is claiming an ever-stronger presence in business life – bringing a new urgency to responsible tech deployment.

The creative potential of generative AI has begun a data revolution and is set to transform the core business processes of market research, design, and content creation. All eyes are on tech leaders to capitalize on its unprecedented efficiencies, whilst avoiding human costs.

Get up to speed on the concrete applications for Generative AI in 2023 from industry leaders who already use synthetic content to bolster performance
Build key strategies to safeguard against discriminatory outputs as synthetic content becomes the new normal
Aid your decision-making process in the pre-regulation moment and unlock new revenue streams without reputational risk
More info: https://1.reutersevents.com/LP=34964?utm_campaign=5943-05APR23-WK14-TA%20EU&utm_medium=email

Date added April 4, 2023, 12:14 a.m.
Source Reuters Events
  • Conferences and Seminars North America
Venue Hotel Van Zandt, Austin, Texas, July 11, 2023, midnight - July 12, 2023, midnight
Country USA