#1599750: 6th Annual Utility Cyber Security Forum

Description: Energy providers across the spectrum face the increasingly present threat of cyber attacks to their critical infrastructure from nation-state actors. These advanced persistent threat (APT) groups have the resources and support to mount attacks that are complex, orchestrated, and ever-more sophisticated. Utilities face the critical task of continually safeguarding key infrastructure from this kind of compromise and damage. In fact, 85% of critical infrastructure organizations experienced at least one ransomware attack in 2022, according to Barracuda Networks' 2023 Ransomware Insights Report. These attacks are also becoming more expensive, particularly for smaller electric utilities. One report by security firm ThreatConnect found that a single ransomware attack can cost 31% of a utility's operating income.
Now in its sixth year, the Utility Cyber Security Forum is focused on providing real-world preparation to utilities and other energy providers for successfully dealing with cyber security threats. Critical precautions and enabling technologies are examined in detail, with the aim of preparing utilities for the threats that confront their unique type of ICS and SCADA infrastructures.

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Venue Chicago Conference Center, 205 West Wacker Drive, March 19, 2024, midnight - March 20, 2024, midnight