#1605210: IDC Security Summit - Building the Future Secure and Resilient Digital Business

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Description: In 2024, the UKI security landscape will continue to evolve at pace, driven by the persistent threat posed by adversaries, local and European legal obligations, and technology innovation.

Emboldened with new AI-backed cyberattack methods and a mature criminal ecosystem and marketplace, attack volumes, frequencies, and sophistication, continue to grow. Are security practitioners, the Executive Board and the C-suite, ready to meet the challenge? The bottom line is that the corporate security function must protect critical business assets with what is available to hand, within the confines of a finite security budget and defined by a clear understanding of acceptable versus unacceptable cyber risk. In the face of all the challenges, security teams remain understaffed and are thus driven to outsource certain capabilities that cannot be performed inhouse. Key security themes in 2024 include the rise of Cyber Risk assessments, proactive detection and response, incident response, attack surface management, vendor consolidation and security integration, supply chain security, and the adoption of with Zero Trust and Cyber Resiliency principles and frameworks.
More info: https://www.idc.com/eu/events/71130-idc-security-summit

Date added Feb. 22, 2024, 8:36 p.m.
Source IDC
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Venue St Albans, April 22, 2024, midnight - April 24, 2024, midnight
Country United Kingdom