#1613170: Global Smart Manufacturing Summit - May 15-17, 2024 : Berlin, Germany

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Summit Introduction
Welcome to the 9th edition of the Global Smart Manufacturing Summit, an event that continues to be at the forefront of digital transformation and innovation within the manufacturing industry. Building upon the success and insights gained from previous editions, this year’s summit promises to be an even more significant milestone in the journey towards smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable manufacturing processes.

In a world where technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace, the manufacturing landscape is continually reshaped by advancements in digital technology, automation, and Industry 4.0. The 9th edition of our summit is dedicated to exploring the full scope of these transformative forces, providing a comprehensive platform for industry leaders, experts, and visionaries to converge, collaborate, and chart the course for the future.

As emphasized in the previous text, our approach remains people-centric, adaptable, data-driven, and technologically sound. We recognize that the heart of any manufacturing revolution is its workforce, and we are committed to fostering environments that empower workers and drive productivity. Real-time data, sophisticated analytics, and innovative strategies are once again the focal points of our discussions, as they continue to shape the industrial and smart manufacturing landscape.

Join us for an exceptional lineup of case study presentations, expert talks, panel discussions, and instructive masterclasses led by a diverse range of industry professionals. Together, we will explore the latest trends, share successful strategies, and discuss innovative solutions that will define the future of smart manufacturing. We invite you to be part of this transformative journey at the 9th Global Smart Manufacturing Summit, where knowledge meets action, and innovation drives progress.

Key Topics
• Developing a smart manufacturing strategy
• Advanced Robotics in Smart Manufacturing
• The Future of Smart Manufacturing: Sustainable Manufacturing and Green Technologies
• How to address the skills and labor challenge of Industry 4.0
• The role of emerging technologies in predictive maintenance
• AI-driven sensing, analysis, decision-making
• Next phase of the robotics revolution: Pioneering increasingly adaptable and efficient production lines
• Intelligent Manufacturing and Carbon Emissions Reduction
• Why Enhanced Cybersecurity is Essential for Smart Manufacturing
More info: https://conferenziaworld.com/global-smart-manufacturing-summit/

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Venue Berlin, Germany, May 15, 2024, midnight - May 17, 2024, midnight
Country Germany