#1624183: Media Partnership - How to master Europe's digital infrastructure needs?

Description: The digital infrastructure industry is a complex ecosystem that encompasses a wide range of components and impacts a diverse array of stakeholders. Each stakeholder group relies on robust digital infrastructure to drive innovation, enhance connectivity, and ensure efficient and secure operations. Understanding the varied needs and perspectives of these stakeholders is crucial for shaping effective policies and fostering a competitive and sustainable digital future for Europe.

With the publication of its white paper on “how to master Europe’s digital infrastructure needs,” the European Commission proposed a number of potential policy actions for the new legislative term. Now that the EU elections are in the rearview mirror, this is a good time to zoom in on the implications of the proposed policy actions on a rich variety of stakeholders. This event brings together relevant actors of Europe’s digital infrastructure sector to discuss how Europe’s digital economy and society can flourish and how the sector can contribute to the EU’s competitiveness by fostering innovation in Europe.

The event will be kicked-off by Plum Consulting as they will present their recently published report on the implications of the white paper’s proposed policy actions on a variety of stakeholders. This presentation will be followed by a panel discussion including various impacted stakeholders on how the digital infrastructure contributes to the EU’s competitiveness and innovative capabilities.
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Date added June 3, 2024, 4:48 p.m.
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  • Conferences and Seminars Europe
  • European Union / European Commission
Venue Boulevard Charlemagne 1, 1041 Brussels, June 12, 2024, midnight - June 12, 2024, midnight
Country Belgium